Fifty Arrested Downtown on Halloween

Published in print and online at City on a Hill Press November 3, 2011

SCPD reports 75 percent increase over last year’s call volume

Republished with permission

Fifty total arrests were made in downtown Santa Cruz on Halloween night, and 49 triple fine municipal code violations were given. Of the arrests, 34 were for public intoxication or otherwise alcohol-related.

To discourage public disruption during the unofficial Pacific Avenue Halloween parade, the Santa Cruz Police Department announced on Oct. 26 the downtown area had been deemed a safety enhancement zone for designated Municipal Code violations. The fine for possession of an open alcohol container was $480, and a ticket for urinating in public $576.

“The focus is on ensuring a safe event,” said SCPD spokesman Zach Friend. “Over the last few years we’ve averaged 25,000 people downtown in the late evening, approximately half of the city population in one square mile. Historically we’ve had acts of gang violence and a number of alcohol-fueled incidents, from fights to vandalism to DUIs. We want to find a balance for people coming downtown where they can have a good time but respect the law…”

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