The Internet’s Best Live Animal Cams

Published online on Sierra magazine’s Green Life blog, November 4, 2013

The Internet’s Best Live Animal Cams

Every good internet procrastinator has explored the live puppy and kitten cams the web has to offer. Hours intended for studying or working can easily and happily be spent watching fluffy baby animals play on your computer screen. But it doesn’t stop there — there are more wildlife cameras broadcasting online than any one person could hope to view, from cockroach cams to bear live feeds. Viewers can observe animalsthey might never safely have the chance to safely approach the wild, and explore new places otherwise inaccessible to them, all from their laptops. We’ve collected a few of the more unique animal adventures you can explore right now online. Watch the live video feeds below. 

On the farm: Country kids who’ve moved to the big city can get their farm fix watching thecalves of South Mountain Creamery on the Animal Planet Live! channel. There is no bad time to watch baby animals play, but if you happen to be up early, there’s nothing to get you going quite like watching these little guys romp around, ready to start their day. For a little more variety, visit and peruse their extensive list of live feeds from numerous farms and stables, including the Pelican Acres’ Nigerian dwarf goats as well as the horses, donkeys, and sheep of many rescue organizations.

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