Scratcher Ticket Nets Car for Alta Woman

Originally published in print and online at The Auburn Journal July 30, 2009

Scratcher ticket nets car for Alta woman - Aug. 30 copyTanya Worrell of Alta never imagined buying one lottery ticket scratcher would lead her to Los Angeles and a new car.

“I didn’t think I’d win anything that big,” Worrell said. “It was like a party in the parking lot after I bought it.”

After uncovering the words “TV SHOW” three times on her ticket, Worrell, her family, and her brother flew down to Los Angeles to be a contestant on the California Lottery game show “Make Me a Millionaire.”

“My husband and I had decided when we went out that we would make a vacation of it and go to Disneyland,” she said. “But Disneyland was a lot more fun after winning a car.”

Worrell said that at first being on TV was nerve-wracking, but that once she was on the stage she couldn’t even see the audience…

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