Despite Law, Many Text While Driving

Originally published in print and online at The Auburn Journal July 31, 2009

AAA study says motorists felt safer in years past

Cell phones are everywhere these days – including in drivers’ hands.

In spite of state law, many still use handheld cell phones while driving. Texting – which usually requires looking at the cell phone – can be particularly dangerous.

In 2008 the state passed legislation that made the use of handheld cell phones illegal while driving, and since January the California Highway Patrol has been pulling over drivers for reading texts and e-mails on their phones.

Though these new laws were intended to protect drivers and make roads safer, an AAA study found that many people feel less safe driving today than they have in the past.

Most Auburn-area residents interviewed Downtown on Thursday agree.

“It’s too distracting,” said Lisa McCuistion, 40. “When you’re texting you have to physically look down, and you never know what’s in front of you…”

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