Chamber Hoping for Last-Minute Ball Ticket-Sale Surge

Originally published in print and online at The Auburn Journal July 23, 2009

Though some numbers are down, excitement is high for the 18th annual Black & White Ball.

According to event organizers, lagging ticket sales are nothing to worry about.

“In this economy, people are careful with their money and where they’re spending, and that’s being reflected in the ticket sales,” said Bruce Cosgrove, executive director of the Auburn Chamber of Commerce. However, he is confident that sales will meet expectations.

“Eighty-three percent (of the tickets) are sold in the week before,” he said. “And the majority of those are sold that Thursday and Friday.”

Entertainment Chairwoman Rosie Mietzel estimates they are about $10,000, or roughly 150 tickets, behind last year.

“We think it’s going to be a last-minute decision for a lot of people,” Mietzel said.

Though they won’t know for sure until after the event, Cosgrove says the change in venue from Downtown Auburn to the Gold Country Fairgrounds is not responsible for the decrease in ticket purchases. The ball was moved to the fairgrounds after local businesses circulated a petition against having it Downtown, claiming they lost business when streets were closed for the event…

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