Atkin Air grounds flight training service

Published in print and online at The Lincoln News-Messenger, Sept. 16, 2009

Atkin Air grounds flight training service

Atkin Air will continue to fly you in and out of town but you’ll have to go somewhere else to learn to pilot a plane on your own.

Owners Ken and Nikki Atkin have downsized services the company offers.

“We weren’t able to keep the structure we had with the business downturn,” Ken Atkin said on Wednesday. “We’ve been hit extra hard, because the people who were using our charter and flight school services aren’t anymore. The money they use for that, it’s recreational. They’re going to pay their house payments before they go flying.”

Atkin said the company is downsizing with plans to rebuild when they have the resources. When asked if they will offer flight training again, Atkin said they will “if the money is there.”

“I really enjoyed it, I had fun with the students it brought in,” Atkin said. “Yeah, I would certainly consider opening the flight school again if we have the money.” The company is located at Lincoln Regional Airport, 1420 Flightline Drive, Suite B.

“The flight school and some of the planes are closing,” Atkin said. “We will still provide air charter service and airplane management.”

The company has several planes advertised for sale on its Web site at The company’s phone number is 645-6242

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