Sun City celebrates 10 years in four days

Published in print and online at The Lincoln News Messenger, Sept. 16, 2009

Sun City celebrates 10 years in four days

Sun City Lincoln Hills residents celebrated 10 years of close-knit community living with four days of festivities, beginning Saturday.

The day kicked off with a parade featuring Sun City clubs, followed by numerous activities in the two lodges. On Saturday, highlights for residents and visitors included listening to several musicians, playing table tennis or pickleball, taking a break in the beer garden, and visiting the many clubs whose members set up information tables in the lodges.

Karen Foley of the travel group was recruiting new members in the Kilaga Springs Lodge.

“The groups in Lincoln Hills are wonderful,” Foley said. She and Carol Lavender, a Sun City Lincoln Hills Community Association volunteer, both saw the fair as an opportunity to help residents become involved with one another. “People who’ve never met are getting to know one another,” Lavender said.

There’s a group for everyone at Lincoln Hills, from the belly dancers to the Rods ‘n Relics club. The latter held a car show on the celebration’s second day.

Attendees could also take advantage of opportunities for free medical testing. Tents were set up to test cholesterol balance, cardio ability and body fat throughout the four days.

Musical guests included Susan Joyce and Elaine Sanovich on vocals and piano, a barbershop quartet and the Lincoln Hills Singers.

In keeping with the fair-like atmosphere, residents and guests were invited to dunk members of the Stifel Nicolaus-sponsored softball team, with all proceeds going to the Lincoln Hills Community Association. Dick Berg volunteered to take a dip in the dunk tank, which excited several neighbors and friends.

Fellow team member Jeff McClain thought the opportunity to dunk his friend was well worth the cost.

“It’s great. There’s lots of entertainment,” McClain said.

The Landsharks, who have performed with the Beach Boys, Jimmy Buffet and Tom Rigney, also entertained.

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