Raising 4-H, FFA Critters Builds Values

Published in print and online at The Auburn Journal September 10, 2009

Placer County 4-H club and Future Farmers of America members are in the final days of preparation before their animals are auctioned off at the Gold Country Fair on Saturday.

Livestock arrived at the fairgrounds throughout the day on Wednesday, where months of hard work will continue, said June Stewart, Placer County 4-H program representative.

Chloe Romero of Foresthill and Evelyn Thais, both FFA members, were at the fairgrounds Wednesday getting their pigs settled in pens. Romero has been in the agriculture education program for five years, while Thais is going into her fourth. The girls are looking forward to participating in the various competitions with their animals.

“We like showmanship best, because you get an opportunity to show how hard you’ve worked,” Romero said…

Read the full story at auburnjounrnal.com


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