UC Board of Regents Votes for Further Fee Increases

Published online at City on a Hill Press July 14, 2011

Increase will bring undergraduate tuition to $11,220 beginning fall 2011

UCSA President Claudia Magaña addressing the UC Board of Regents

The UC Board of Regents voted today to approve a 9.6 percent increase in systemwide fees, bringing  annual undergraduate tuition to $11,220. This increase follows the 8 percent fee hike passed by the board in November, and is the second such increase in less than a year.

The UC Board of Regents convening at UC San Francisco’s Mission Bay Conference Center. The Board raised tuition by 9.6% in Thursday’s vote, bringing it to roughly double the amount in fall 2005.

The fee hike will affect undergraduate and graduate students, beginning fall 2011.

Raised tuition comes in response to the $650 million state cut funding for UC last month, reducing total state support for the university by more than $880 million, and leaving the UC with a $1 billion budget shortfall, according to Nathan Brostrom, the UC system’s executive vice president for business operations.

The board voted 14-4 for the increase. Regents Eddie Island, Student Regent Alfredo Mireles Jr., George Marcus and Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom were opposed. Newsom urged the regents to send a message to lawmakers by refusing to raise tuition.

Claudia Magaña, a UCSC third-year and president of the UC Students Association, addresses the Board of Regents on Wednesday. In her address she urged the regents to absorb the state budget cuts through means other than tuition increases.

Regent Bonnie Reiss said she would vote for the hike “with sadness and disgust…”

Read the full story at cityonahillpress.com


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