Walking With A Ghost

Published in print and online at City on a Hill Press November 18, 2010

Walking With A Ghost

Rising interest in paranormal activity prompts investigation into Santa Cruz’s spooky history

“You know how when someone stands close to you, you can feel it? It’s like that. Or it’s a static energy-type feeling, that’s what makes your hair stand up,” Nancy Bowmen described.

The co-founder of Paranormal Zone TV (PZTV) is certainly qualified to describe the presence of a ghost. Since she predicted her father’s death at the age of nine, Bowmen has had numerous experiences with paranormal entities, including witnessing two full-body apparitions and developing a personal relationship with Sarah Logan of the Brookdale Lodge, one of Santa Cruz’s most famous ghosts.

For Bowmen, investigating supernatural activities is not just a job but a deeply rooted passion that is evident in her willingness to express her belief in ghosts with an emphatic “yes.” Her interest can be traced back to a paranormal incident from her childhood.

“I was sitting on the lawn with a girlfriend and I was picking at the grass — but you know, when you’re … doing something mundane, and you kind of go blank in your mind?” Bowmen said. “In a heartbeat I got this little message. I couldn’t hear a voice but it was like a message, telepathically, saying, ‘Your father is going to die.’ And a week later, he passed away. I really think it was what you would call your guide which prepared me. I looked at my girlfriend and told her, ‘My dad’s gonna die. My dad’s gonna die…’”

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